Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it mean to be Rugged?

Posted by Michael Pollex on Dec 4, 2017 9:30:58 AM

Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it Mean to be Rugged?

Having a rugged and reliable radio is important in the operations of many different industries. Whether you are fighting a fire, or working in a chemical plant, you want to know that you have communication in place that you can rely on. You need a radio that can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, or a radio that can withstand dust and salt.

Motorola works to ensure that your radios are reliable and have been put through intense testing standards, to make sure you know what type of radio you are getting. Radios from Motorola are put through tests for humidity, extremely low and high temperatures, vibration, sun exposure and many others.

After many tests are done, radios are given a certain IP Rating based on their performance in the many different tests they are put through. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which basically means how well the radio is going to be protected from water and dust. For some end users, they feel IP rating is one of the most important specs on a radio, due to the nature of their business.

To explain further, lets take for example the Motorola XPR3500e. This radio is rated IP 67. The first number “6” has to do with dust protection, and the “7” has to do with the degree of water protection. To break it down, see the chart to get a better breakdown of what IP rating is.



The XPR3500e is quite rugged and would be a great radio for job sites, or warehouse operations. To see the specs on different radios that would be best for your operations, visit:


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Two-way Radios and Hotel Operations

Posted by Michael Pollex on Nov 27, 2017 9:54:47 AM

Two-way Radios and Hotel Operations

Communication is at the center of keeping hotels running smoothly. It’s important that housekeeping, front desk, maintenance, and all other departments are staying connected throughout the day. This is why quality two-way radio communication is important for day-to-day operations.

Whether you are running a small hotel with 50 rooms, or a large resort with over 5,000 rooms, it is important for all employees to stay connected. Two-way radios allow you to enhance staff efficiency while improving guest satisfaction. Radios are more efficient and effective now than ever before. Slim radios like the SL300 or the SL3500 are some of the favorites due to size and capabilities. These radios are durable and light, which makes them ideal for any department to use. Motorola offers a wide range of options and has radios that are just right for your hotel and what you are looking to use them for.

With radios, work-order tickets can be placed and situations can get handled faster. Simple push-to-talk capabilities and sharing real time information is key when handling an emergency, or getting repairs done on rooms before guests arrive.

Hotel staff members look to communicate effectively by using earpieces to communicate hands free, or even using their WAVE On-Cloud app to connect their smartphones with their two-way radios.

Two-way radios have proven to enhance guest satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. To see more radio options for your hotel, visit

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Tips to Improve Your Two-way Radio Battery Life

Posted by Michael Pollex on Nov 16, 2017 7:58:17 AM

Tips to Improve Battery Life For Your Two-way Radios


Here are a few tips to help protect your rechargeable batteries and increase their use and performance life. Taking proper care of your rechargeable batteries can save you and your business money in the long-run!

1.Charge your new battery overnight before using it. By charging your battery overnight for the first time, this INITIALIZES it.

2.When using a Motorola Rapid Charger, leave the battery in the charger for an extra 1 to 2 hours after you see a green light. This applies to non-IMPRES batteries only.

3.DO NOT leave your fully charged radio and battery in the charger when not charging. This will eventually shorten battery life.

4.Stabilize batteries to room temperature when charging. If batteries are charged in extremely cold or extremely warm temperatures performance life of the battery will decrease.

5.Only charge a battery when it needs it. If it is not fully discharged, do not recharge it. We suggest carrying a spare with you if need be. This is the most cost-effective solution for users requiring a longer operating time with their radios.

Battery Life on your two-way radios seeming to die out often? Check out these other tips that may help you:



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Kenwood NX-3320

Posted by Michael Pollex on Nov 10, 2017 8:45:21 AM

Kenwood NX-3320

The Kenwood NX-3320 is a top-tier radio with a mid-tier price point. The NX-3320 from Kenwood is a submersible radio that is operable under NXDN, DMR, and standard Analog. Because of these features, this Kenwood radio is ideal for enhancing many different operations. The NX-3320 is available in 3 different variations: Full keypad, 4-keypad, and no keypad. These key pads are perfect for controlling your sprinkler system at your facility, or keeping your team better connected.

Another feature that this Kenwood radio has is a 7 color LED light bar at the top of the radio. This light bar on the top panel is an indicator of what channel you are on. This makes it easy for your team to identify their channel without looking at the LED screen. 

Another great feature of not just these radios, but Kenwood radios in general is the Active Noise Reduction technology. This technology is great for noisy environments, or even just providing a greater audio experience for the user.

Its IP67 rating makes it durable and as mentioned above, water submersible. This IP67 rating makes the radio extremely durable and reliable for whatever environment it is exposed to. An intrinsically safe version of this radio is also available to ensure the safety of your staff and your facility.

Features like GPS, enhanced encryption, and sensors for user safety are some other functions of the NX-3320 that make this radio the full package, and overall a great choice for your team.

To get more information and pricing on this radio visit:


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Vertex Standard EVX-S24

Posted by Michael Pollex on Nov 3, 2017 9:17:49 AM

Vertex Standard EVX-S24

The Vertex Standard EVX-S24 is ideal for users who is looking for a smaller radio that can enhance their team communication. This radio is the smallest and lightest radio that Vertex Standard makes measuring in at 3.58in. x 2.17in. With a small frame, this durable radio can enhance communication in many different industries. Education, hospitality, retail, and many others are seeing the benefits from using this sleek radio. The EVX-S24 can be implemented in your analog or digital fleet with ease as well. Transmit interrupt, enhanced call quality, and direct mode are a few of its many features that it boasts. When it comes to power, this radio is 3 watts in digital and 2 watts in analog.

The EXV-S24 has 4 programmable buttons and alphanumeric display that is easy for users to read. This durable radio has an IP67 rating and is water submersible up to 3 feet for 30 minutes! With the S24, you have many options for accessories and even enhancing coverage beyond its normal range.

Some accessory options include longer antennas that can enhance coverage and belt clips that makes your radio easy to access at all times of the day. The S24 is easy for all staff to use and is a favorite among radio users looking for a lightweight option for their team communications. This radio is available at a cost effective price and has had a positive impact on operations for many of our current customers.

To find out more about the EVX-S24 contact us at:


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Motorola SL300 in the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Michael Pollex on Oct 27, 2017 12:28:23 PM

Motorola SL300: Light,Sleek,Durable

In the world of hospitality, communication is everything. Different departments need to be able to communicate: Hotel operations, Housekeeping, Concierge, Maintenance, Front desk. Without communication in the hospitality industry, operations would not run smoothly, and guests would be left unsatisfied.

Not only is communication important for guest satisfaction, but it’s important for guest safety. Radio communication is the strongest and most reliable form of communication within the hospitality and hotel industry. With instant push-to-talk capabilities, radios can facilitate communication easily and efficiently in a matter of seconds. Hotels around the world utilize radio communication for their operations and to ensure the safety of their guests.

Many argue that radios can be bulky, and Motorola has rolled out a new radio that is just the opposite of that. This new radio is the Motorola SL300. Smaller to medium sized hotels can benefit from this 3 watt radio.

The SL300 is lightweight with a simple LED display and short antenna. This MOTOTRBO radio has a sleek design and is easy for all departments to use.  At less than an inch thick, this radio is IP54 rated meaning that it is splash proof and dust proof. Because of its design, it is a favorite among users that are looking for a rugged and reliable radio to handle its operations. This radio can be easily operated and even fits in your pocket!

Another feature that makes this radio a favorite among hotel operations is the swivel carry holster that gives you convenient access to clip in and take out the radio with ease.

The SL300 boasts numerous benefits at a great price point for its wide range of capabilities. Upgrade your existing radios to the SL300s or implement them in your fleet to give you easier and more effective communication.

The SL300 can help team communication in a variety of industries. This may be the perfect radio for you and your company.

Click here to see if this radio is the right radio for you!

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The Benefits of Capacity Plus Trunking

Posted by Michael Pollex on Oct 20, 2017 10:59:48 AM

The Benefits of Capacity Plus Trunking

Capacity Plus Trunking may be a great option for your facility and day-to-day operations. Hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and many others can benefit from Capacity Plus Trunking. Ultimately, getting a Capacity Plus System for your operations can boost efficiency and keep your team members better connected and better prepared throughout their day. Customer requests can be handled quicker, repairs can be made sooner, and tasks will be handled smoother. With multiple ways to communicate with Capacity Plus allows your work team to be best prepared for what is next, whether it is a customer need or emergency within the workplace.

Capacity Plus Trunking allows your team to communicate without using extra frequencies and gives you more options as to how to communicate with your team. It will give you greater coverage with a higher capacity. It can link up to 12 different voice paths, and 24 different data paths! This platform can support up to 1,200 radio users at once. Work tickets can be fulfilled faster and each employee will have an enhanced communication experience. Features such as GPS, text messaging, and system wide calling are a few of the many features that are available to you if you decide to upgrade to capacity plus. Integrating your smartphones is also an option when moving to Capacity Plus.

To read more about Capacity Plus Trunking, check out this white paper:

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Walkie Talkie Rentals for Special Events Enhance Team Communication

Posted by Michael Pollex on Oct 11, 2017 10:10:21 AM

Walkie Talkie Rentals and the Importance of Team Communication at Large and Small Events

 Walkie talkie rentals can be important for events to help coordinate team members and volunteers. Whether it is a small 5k or a large festival, team communication is an important aspect of running a successful event. Also, many others can benefit from renting radios as well. Sports tournaments can greatly benefit from using radios in coordinating multiple games going on in different locations, or reporting injuries and game scores from each field. Industries like construction, scaffolding, and many others may rent radios when working on a certain project for a set amount of time. If you already own a radio fleet, but perhaps need a few extra for an event or project, renting can be a good option for you.

Trying to rely on cell phones to help team members communicate in loud and busy areas is not ideal when instant and clear communication is needed. With two-way radios, quick push-to-talk allows team members can communicate in seconds. Not to mention, by having two-way radios at your events you will be able to manage emergencies, announcements, and event schedules with ease. Some radio rental users opt to use earpieces and headsets to allow them to be hands-free when communicating. There are many different options when it comes to renting radios and Radio Resource offers a wide variety of options for both radios and earpieces. We can help find a rental solution that works for you at a cost-effective price.

Radio Resource has one of the largest rental fleets in the United States, and has experience renting radios to many different special events, both big and small alike. When it comes to enhancing communication among team members, Radio Resource can help you. For 30 years we have served many events in Colorado and events nationwide.

If you are looking to rent radios for an event or have any questions, please visit:

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Features of Digital Radios Enhance Team Communication

Posted by Michael Pollex on Oct 6, 2017 1:49:33 PM

 Features of Digital Radios Enhance Team Communication

With digital radios, a whole new set of features is available at your fingertips. Many people may have heard that “going digital” is not worth the time to retrain your staff on. The migration from analog to digital is quite simple and smooth process. Digital radios bring not only many advantages, but enhanced features. These features can help increase efficiency, improve crisis management, and give you a more personalized communication experience.

With digital, the ability to use text messaging with two-way radios is on the rise and many healthcare, hospitality, and warehouses are using this feature to effectively communicate. Orders can be filled, work tickets can be satisfied, and businesses can thrive through the use of text messaging on two-way radios.

Direct call is another popular feature of digital that allows teams to communicate more effectively. Instead of transmitting a message to your entire team over a channel, directly call a person on your work team without interrupting others from their task at hand. Along with individual call is group call, which allows a user to make a call to a set group within the entire group. And of course, all call is still available, where all users in the group are called.

Talking party identification is another great feature of digital because it allows you to see which user is transmitting over your channel. For ease of identification, these radio ID’s can be programmed to be certain names of staff members, or perhaps job titles.

Digital opens up a variety of options for its users and it offers a more quality experience for users. Today, there are many different radios available that are both digital and analog capable .

To see more benefits of digital and DMR, check out this whitepaper:

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Is NXDN the Right Digital Technology For You?

Posted by Michael Pollex on Sep 28, 2017 8:37:54 AM

Is NXDN the Right Digital Technology for you?

NXDN is a type of digital technology that is FDMA based. This is a difference between NXDN and DMR, seeing that DMR uses TDMA.

Industries like construction, transportation, public safety, and many more all seeing the benefits of using NXDN. NXDN is a type of digital technology like DMR that can enhance operations and provide clearer and more efficient communication between users. NXDN brings many positives to its users, and we will go over a few of them in this article.

When looking at features of NXDN, two types of trunking are offered. These two types of trunking are called NXDN Type-C and NXDN Type-D. Type-C uses a centralized control channel whereas Type-D does not use a control channel. Most of these trunking system feature automatic roaming, individual group and call capability, short text, GPS, and many other features. NXDN could be the right digital technology for you if you are looking for these key features in your digital technology.

One positive that NXDN has used from the start is the use of the vocoder from DVSI. The vocoder that is used in NXDN is widely recognized as the leading vocoder technology. Other two-way radio standards like P25 and DMR use this as well. This vocoder allows for enhanced clarity between radio users and clearer digital voice.

When it comes to coverage and audio quality with NXDN, it is found that it does supply a better footprint than traditional analog FM. With audio quality, it has been noted that many uses feel that NXDN provides clearer and better digital voice compared to DMR. Because NXDN uses FDMA, there is a narrower channel width, which would allow for better coverage. From a personal experience, I have found that a good portion of radio users feel that NXDN gives them better coverage and clearer voice when communicating. This is however personal preference, and I have found others that a good portion of users prefer DMR over NXDN.

One radio that uses NXDN digital technology is the NX-5200 from Kenwood. The NX-5000 series radios have proven to be effective and efficient for team communications across many different industries. To see the full set of features and what these Kenwood radios can do for you and your team, check out this whitepaper:

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