Two-way Radio Accessories

Posted by Michael Pollex on Apr 20, 2018 10:28:49 AM

Two-way Radio Accessories Enhance Team Communication

Accessories can help optimize the performance of your Motorola handheld radios. Discreet Bluetooth earpieces, headsets, efficient battery solutions, and charging solutions can all add value to your operations.

Two-way radios offer reliable and controllable communications regardless of the environment. Whether you are in a loud stadium and need a dual-muff headset, or you run a private security team and need something lightweight, Motorola has a solution that is right for you. Noise-cancelling accessories are available for radio users that need to be able to communicate in loud and noisy environments. Often these accessories can be seen in manufacturing plants and various construction sites. In addition to earpiece and headset accessories, multi-unit chargers can help you charge all of your radios in one place and can help your staff easily keep track of where their radios are when charging.

Many radio users may need to carry extra batteries with them while in the field or on a job site. Depending on your daily use make sure you are getting the right power of battery to give you the life that you want throughout your daily operations. In addition to having extra batteries, having the right carrying case or using a belt clip for your radio can make your radio easier to access and use. Various models have carry holster, hand strap, and lanyard options to suit your needs when carrying your radio around all day.  

Motorola provides quality handheld radio accessories that can enhance your fleet and help your staff communicate better. To get more information on accessory options that can be good fit for your staff, visit:

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Spillman Ally: Capture, Analyze, and Act

Posted by Michael Pollex on Apr 13, 2018 11:18:04 AM

Spillman Ally: Capture, Analyze, and Act

Ally is a cloud-based platform that provides dispatch, incident and records management technology, as well as analytics and voice communication functionality. Industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and many others have all seen Ally have a positive impact on their operations. Ally can easily integrate with your MOTOTRBO radios and infrastructure, making it a smooth transition and giving you more tools to effectively manage daily operations.

Ally allows any organization to search, store, retrieve, and report information that is relevant to safety of operations staff and visitors. Name, vehicle, and premise records can all be linked together. Security teams now have access to see relationships between records and are able to attach PDF’s, images, videos, and other information pertinent to their day-to-day operations. Tracking workplace incidents and giving security personnel an easy and efficient way to manage their operations makes for a more efficient and secure workplace. Security teams can tackle incidents quicker and can better manage immediate threats or incidents occurring on their premise.

For example, this picture shows how Ally can track incident trends on property. By having real time data displaying this information, you will be able to manage those trouble areas more efficiently or even add more security to those problem areas.

With its dispatch capability, users can manage the location of their personnel and see where they are on the property. If an incident occurs, the dispatcher will know who is closest to the incident and who can respond the soonest.

Ally has an easy to use interface and is accessible from any device that has internet connection. This software allows you to streamline the data process, keep your records organized, and enhance communication and safety within any organization.

For more information on Ally, contact:

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Motorola SLR 1000 Outdoor/Indoor Repeater

Posted by Michael Pollex on Apr 5, 2018 1:34:37 PM

SLR 1000 Outdoor/Indoor Repeater

The SLR 1000 Outdoor/Indoor repeater allows you to extend the coverage of your network throughout dead zones and remote locations. Its IP-65 rating gives it dust and water protection, allowing you to deploy this repeater indoors or outdoors. Mounting this repeater outside on a wall or up on a tower can give you maximum coverage in harder to reach areas of your facility. This repeater can sit in places such as parking garages, subway tunnels, and potentially wet or damp locations. The compact SLR 1000 has a fanless design and is easy to fit almost anywhere due to its small size. Its fanless design helps reduce energy used, causes fewer HVAC planning headaches, and gives you more deploying options.

This repeater is compatible with both conventional and trunking systems. It also boasts an Extended Range Direct Mode that helps you expand coverage without having to purchase additional frequencies. In order to take advantage of this feature, simply add accessories such as a small mount antenna, optional duplexer, or antenna switch. This repeater gives you the ability to connect your team regardless of the location or conditions.

The SLR 1000 repeater can be a great option for your operations because it is protected from the environment and gives you cost effective coverage. It can be deployed in numerous places around your job site and allows you to expand your network. The SLR 1000 is a part of Team Communications, which is Motorola’s Unified Work Group Communications Solutions.

See if the SLR 1000 repeater is a good fit for your operations and visit us at:

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Motorola SL3500e

Posted by Michael Pollex on Mar 30, 2018 9:24:36 AM

Motorola SL3500E

The Motorola SL3500E is a slim and discreet radio that allows you to communicate seamlessly. This radio can easily fit into a suit jacket or pants pocket, making it a favorite among the hospitality industry. It has a clear and easy to read digital display that allows users to easily navigate functions and receive information with a quick glance.

The SL3500e can be used hands-free as well, connecting with Bluetooth and wireless accessories for convenience of its users. This radio can also be programmed over the air, in real time. With this capability all of your radios can be programmed at once. 

Because of this, you will decrease down time with your radios, and make more efficient use of your infrastructure.

This lightweight radio doesn’t weigh you down, and its slim form factor makes it easy to operate. Enhanced features such as transmit interrupt, mute mode, and quick text messaging are all supported with this device. There are also numerous carrying options available for the SL3500e. This radio supports conventional operation for single sites and IP Site connect as well. Also, the SL3500e supports capacity plus trunking, which will give you higher call capacity due to MOTOTRBO’s efficient usage of channel and spectrum.

This radio can be paired with Motorola WAVE push-to-talk and other data solutions that enhance communications within your operations. Having a reliable two-way radio for your operations makes your team more efficient and allows you to handle issues that arise or customer needs in an instant.

Overall, the SL3500e radio is light, easy to use, and stylish. If you are looking to upgrade your two-way radios, or want to learn more about the SL3500e radio, please visit:

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Renting Walkie Talkies for Special Events

Posted by Michael Pollex on Mar 23, 2018 1:13:26 PM

Renting Walkie Talkies for Nationwide and Local Events


It’s important for staff to be able to communicate during events, festivals, and parades. Summer is coming and having two-way radios to communicate with your team can help things go smoother and get done quicker. We will work with you to provide the equipment you need to ensure your team stays connected and on the same page. Large or small, your job is important to us.

We are located in Denver but have provided thousands of rentals to customers around the United States since 1989. We have served small local operations such as churches and parades and larger events like the Super Bowl and Color Run to name a few. When it comes to team communication and making your operations team efficient, two-way radios can greatly enhance your operations.

We ensure that your equipment is on time and ready to use, and our staff will give you guidance as to what radios and equipment would be best for your event. If you already have an idea of what you are needing, we can assist you with filling that order as well.

In addition to radios, we can set you up with surveillance kits, speaker mics, gang chargers, and other two-way radio equipment that will equip your staff for any type of environment.

We pride ourselves in quality customer service and can even deliver the radios to you in person if you are located throughout Denver, and surrounding cities. If you are out of state, we can ship the equipment securely to your location and ensure that the radios and accessories are ready for your event.

Our Radio Resource team would love to assist you with your event!

For more information you can call us at 303-987-1545, or feel free to visit us at

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Motorola SLR 5700 Repeater

Posted by Michael Pollex on Mar 16, 2018 10:13:33 AM

Are you looking to expand two-way radio coverage within your building?

Look no further than the Motorola SLR 5700 repeater. This repeater will give you reliable voice and data communication, helping your staff communicate in every corner of your operations. The SLR 5700 is the next generation of repeaters, and with its low power consumption is engineered for low cost of ownership. This durable repeater can operate as an analog, digital, or mixed

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Kenwood NX-5000 Series Mobile Radios

Posted by Michael Pollex on Mar 2, 2018 11:14:38 AM

Kenwood NX-5000 Series

The Kenwood NX-5000 Series is setting a new standard in public safety, public, and commercial sectors. The NX-5700/5800/5900 encompasses the mobile radios in this Kenwood series. With this series, there is an option to create a variety of configurations and setups, utilizing up to 3 different RF decks if needed. These mobile radios allow for mixed digital and analog operation, accommodating use in mixed sights. The intelligent migration available with these mobiles is ideal for many different operations. This series from Kenwood supports 3 different CAI’s- NXDN, DMR and P25 (Phase 1 & 2). Having these features allows you to migrate to digital, or allow you to operate in both analog and digital for as long as needed.

The large-colored TFT display is ideal for any time of day, making it clear and easy to read for any user. The display shows a multi-line text that allows more information to be displayed at one time. Also, the front panel can be removed and used as a remote controller if needed.

This product, along with others from Kenwood posses renowned audio, and gives you clear communication even in noisy environments. The NX-5000 series has gone through a series of stringent tests, ensuring that this series is suitable for any operation

Other features include:

  • P25 Conventional/Trunking (Phase 1/Phase 2)
  • Gen2 & NXDN® Conventional/Type-C Trunking Protocol
  • DMR Tier 2 Conventional
  • Multi-Digital+FM Analog Operation
  • FM Analog Conventional & LTR Zones
  • Color 2.55" (154 x 422 pixel) TFT Display
  • Color GUI and Multi-line Text Display
  • 4 W/4 Ω; 3 W/4 Ω for the Remote Control Head
  • 6 Front PF keys & 4 Up / Down Selectors
  • Emergency Button
  • MDC-1200
  • FleetSync®/II
  • Maximum of 4,000 CH/Radio capacity, 512 CH/Zone, 128 Zones

To get more information on the NX-5000 series, contact us at



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Two-way Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

Posted by Michael Pollex on Feb 20, 2018 9:40:25 AM

Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

For the 28th year, Radio Resource successfully designed custom RF systems and distributed radios for Super Bowl events and festivities. Providing radios to thousands of staff members over the course of 3 weeks, our company is proud to help ensure quality communication among operations, security, and many other staff members that all made this years Super Bowl a success. We had the opportunity to interconnect radio communication between multiple sites, including the Minneapolis Convention Center, University of Minnesota, The Mall of America, and U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII.

What goes into this year’s Super Bowl two-way radio communication?

Months of preparation, shipments, and planning go into providing two-way radio equipment for the Super Bowl each year. In addition to the planning, ensuring equipment is programmed, on time, and ready to use is a key element of making operations run smoothly. Many different tests and checks are performed prior to Super Bowl game day in order to ensure systems are working properly, and they are up to the standards of the staff members using the equipment.

Designing custom two-way radio systems for the Super Bowl poses challenges such as having multiple sites, high volume of radio users, and high RF noise signature. This also includes having to coordinate more than 20 separate production groups to talk to one another. Clarity of digital voice is critical for staff to understand other radio users in high noise environments, from the sidelines to the security checkpoints. Capacity Plus infrastructure and Motorola XPR 7550e radios proved to be reliable and help provide clear digital voice for staff members throughout multiple venues.

To ensure quality communication, we took advantage of MOTOTRBO’s ability to help increase productivity of the NFL staff and connect a large number of voice’s communicating instantly and clearly. Having this ability to use MOTOTRBO allowed us to sort more than 22,000 voice calls within a 12-hour period, while supporting 58 talk groups. By taking advantage of MOTORTBO’s robust integrated platform, we were able to remotely monitor and adjust our systems in real-time. Monitoring these multiple systems was made possible utilizing G3W. MOTOTRBO systems proved once again to be robust, diverse, and stable in one of the most challenging RF environments.

It is always our pleasure to be able to work with premier events staff in various settings throughout Super Bowl and build custom solutions for the events taking place. The entire Radio Resource team contributed to making radio communication a success at Super Bowl LII, and we are looking forward to more upcoming events in 2018.

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Bi-Directional Amplifier and Distributed Antenna Solutions

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 31, 2018 10:13:22 AM

In Building Solutions: Bi-Directional Amplifier & Distributed Antenna Systems

BDA DAS Systems.jpeg

Radio Resource Inc. of Colorado can help engineer and design a custom solution for your facility. We offer custom Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions to amplify and easily distribute RF signal throughout your building.

Systems like these require proper engineering design and analysis in order to function correctly and work specifically for your situation. Common applications we see these systems are, hospitals, underground structures, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and many others. We partner with many top manufacturers in the United States to increase the signal strength of your radio system. These products will not only enhance your operations, but it will improve safety of staff, customers, and tenants that use your facilities. We have years of experience in two-way radios, bi-directional amplifier, and distributed antenna systems. We serve clients nationwide and would love the opportunity to help you and your operations.

Investing in your building and infrastructure is important for the long-term health of any business and its employees. Make sure that your building is up to the fire departments requirements, and ensure your employees are working in a safer environment. 

To find out more about our different in building solutions, visit us at:

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Motorola EVX-261

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 26, 2018 1:33:03 PM

Motorola EVX-261

motorola evx-261 close.jpg

The Motorola EVX-261 is a 5-watt radio that is durable and can give you a great amount of coverage for a great value. This radio was recently rebranded on January 1st, and still has the same specs and design as it did when it was branded as a Vertex EVX-261. This radio boasts superior audio output, while being able to operate in both digital and analog modes. Two-way radios are slowly shifting toward digital, and this could be the perfect radio to help make that transition smooth and easy. The ability to mix your fleet gives your team and your budget the flexibility of upgrading your radios.

The EVX-261 has features available such as Lone Worker and Emergency Alert that gives work teams peace of mind, knowing that there can be safety measures put in place for any type of job. Rated IP55, the EVX-261 is a reliable and durable radio that can enhance team communication in all types of environments. The EVX-261 has two programmable keys and the ability to have 16 channels. There are multiple scan options and many different functions that can take your team communication and team safety from good to great.

Motorola Solutions has been a trusted brand for team communication and operations for decades. If you are looking to enhance your team communication, or find out more about the Motorola EVX-261, visit:

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