Popular 2019 Accessory Releases

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Dec 10, 2019 7:51:36 AM

Popular Radio Accessory Releases of 2019

Motorola has introduced many new products throughout 2019. Here are some important accessories that were a part of that release.

The new EP900W Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece is discreet and designed for comfort. This new earpiece is easy to connect with Bluetooth capable radios. Some popular radios that pair with this earpiece are the SL series radios and XPR series radios. Fully equipped with noise reduction and an active PTT button, this earpiece give you the ease of communication without extra wires. Users can expect 8 hours of talk time (based on a 5/5/90 working period) and a 2-hour charge time until full. This earpiece will give audible updates on battery status and connection status as well. Operations like hospitality, education, and manufacturing have all seen great success with this earpiece.

Another popular accessory released in 2019 was the RM250 speaker mic. This is the first speaker mic released for the SL300/SL3500e. It is also compatible with IOS and Android devices as well. SL300/SL3500e users have long awaited a speaker mic option for their radio and it is finally here. This speaker mic has a built-in battery that can around 22 hours with a full charge. The RM 250 is rated IP67 so that means it’s submersible and dust proof.

To find out more about these accessories, visit us at:



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Entry-Level Walkie Talkies

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Oct 30, 2019 9:23:21 AM

Entry-Level Walkie Talkies

Some radio users want simplicity and are looking for a push-to-talk solution. Based upon price point and user functionality there are a few Motorola Solutions entry-level radios that can give you extended coverage at an economical price. Simple functions like being repeater capable, scanning, and alert tones are still available with these radios as well.


The VX-261 is a durable 4-watt radio that is simple to operate and a favorite among users who are looking to keep their costs down. Motorola solutions acquired the VX and EVX series radios in January of 2018. The Motorola VX-261 is an analog only radio that is durable and user friendly. The Motorola EVX-261 is also available for those users who are needing DMR digital voice.




The Motorola EVX-S24 is quite possibly the most popular entry level radio. Clear DMR digital voice and a digital display gives users an easy interface. This radio is small, compact, and easy to use. It also happens to be water submersible up to 3 feet for 30 minutes as long its ports are closed. Motorola has this radio available in black or yellow while having an IP67 rating.



The Motorola CP200d is another popular radio from Motorola. Numerous construction companies and schools have had great success with this radio. It comes in a digital or analog version. Analog version users do have an option to upgrade the radio to digital in the future if needed via a software EID. Multiple accessory and carry options are available for this radio.

For questions regarding these entry level radios and others please reach out to us at:


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FAQs on the TLK 100

Posted by Michael Pollex on Sep 25, 2019 1:12:21 PM

Frequently Asked Questions about the TLK 100

The new TLK 100 released by Motorola is a solution that can truly enhance team communication and keep your team connected. Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding the TLK 100.

What does the pricing structure look like?
As far as subscriptions go, you can either do a month-to-month subscription or a 2-year subscription. If you agree to the 2-year subscription, the radio is FREE! If you are looking to just use TLK 100 units with each other, the price is $35 per month. If you are looking to tie the radio into existing systems or use the WAVE dispatch, then prices can range from $35-$45 per unit per month.

What cellular network does the TLK 100 utilize?

The TLK 100 utilizes Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

What type of coverage can I expect form the TLK 100?

You can expect city, state, and nationwide coverage where cell signal is available on Verizon's network. The TLK 100 can also run off of WiFi if being used in-building.

Can Contacts and TalkGroups be customized?

Yes, both Radio Resource and the end user will have a login to the Wave OnCloud Portal where changes can be made. Updates happen over-the-air almost immediately.

Can TLKs tie in with my existing radios?

It depends what type of system you have. Capacity Max, Capacity Plus, and LCP systems can tie in TLK 100's.

Can my TLK 100 communicate with a team member in a different country?

Communicating country-to-country is possible, but both users will need to be connected to WiFi to do so.

If you want more information or have questions on the TLK 100. Please reach out to us at:


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Popular School Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Aug 7, 2019 3:11:49 PM

Popular School Radios

Two-way radio communication in schools is key in keeping staff connected and helping manage emergency situations on campus. With that, there are a few radios that come to mind that are popular in schools today.

The EVX-S24 boasts a small form factor and display screen that is easy to read. This 3 watt digital radio is easy to carry and gives clear digital audio. The EVX-S24 offers an IP67 rating and is water submersible for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Teachers, administrators, and office staff will appreciate having this small radio at their desk or on their hip. Other advanced scan features, direct call abilities, and text messaging allows private conversation if needed.

The SL300 is another popular radio among schools. This slim radio can easily slide into a coat pocket or fit on your hip in its swivel carry holster. Its display allows you to see what channel you are operating on and provides clear audio. Operating at 3 watts in digital this radio will help your team stay connected from the playground to the front office. When operating in digital multiple emergency options are available and can be programmed into the side programmable button. When looking for a sleek and reliable option, the SL300 gives you advanced features with a professional look. 

One last radio to mention is the Motorola VX-261. This radio is perfect for the entry level user that is looking for a simple push-to-talk solution while maximizing coverage. This 4 watt analog radio has a great price point and still offers different scan features and a solid durability rating.

If your school is looking for a two-way radio solution or is looking to upgrade its radio fleet feel free to contact us at:




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FCC Licensing and the Importance of Filing Correctly

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jul 11, 2019 2:32:12 PM

FCC Licensing and the Importance of Filing Correctly

Business/Commercial radio systems are a critical piece to many different operations. Manufacturing, education, construction, and many other industries have seen the benefit of how radios can increase productivity, cut down time, and improve staff communication. Besides having the right radio that will do the job it's important to make sure the radios are being operated within FCC rules and regulations. If the radios you are using require an FCC license it's very important that your license is filed correctly. Losing your license, steep fines, and delay of implementing your communication systems can all be a consequence of not complying with FCC rules and regulations. These licenses can be tied to the specific area of your business, can be used statewide, or used nationwide. Before filing, it is important to plan out how your business will be using these radios. 

Be aware of third-party solicitations from private licensing companies. FCC license information is available to the public for free, so don’t be surprised if these third-party firms are reaching out to your business. Once common question is if you need to purchase a copy of FCC rules and regulations. Radio users only need to have “access” to this information. This information is free to the public and is easy to find online.

These rules and regulations are available on the FCC’s website at:

US Government Printing Office (GPO) Website

To view an FCC license:

FCC Website

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:


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Church Security and Walkie Talkies

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jun 20, 2019 2:57:10 PM

Church Security and Walkie Talkies

Many different churches and places of worship have come to realize a need for their own internal security team. Quite often volunteers, ex-military, ex-law enforcement, or anyone willing to help are a part of a church security team. Having organized groups, knowing the building, and staying connected are some of the many important aspects of these teams.

Keeping church security teams connected in a simple and efficient way is important and that's where two-way radios can help. Having your own FCC License gives your church private frequencies so you don't have to worry about having someone on your radio channels. These private channels can give your team peace of mind that security conversations will stay within the team.

Most churches are often looking for a push-to-talk communication solution that is easy for all to use and cost effective. Radios like the EVX-S24 and VX-261 are both affordable and effective radios for these types of operations. The EVX-S24 has a display screen that can be programmed to name different channels. Security, Office, and Parking are a few common channels that churches will use in order to keep their team communication organized. It's important that the team has a general understanding of radio use, etiquette, and functionality.

Most church buildings and operations do not have a need for a repeater due to their size and radio use. Simple 1 or 2 wire headsets can help with discreet communication in the sanctuary or outside of the building. There are many interchangeable earpiece options that gives radio users the freedom to choose and wear what is comfortable for them. Whether the church is large or small, equipping your team with the right equipment can go a long way.

If you are in the Denver area and looking for walkie talkies for your church, feel free to contact us at: 


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Simple Ways to Enhance Your Radio Communication

Posted by Michael Pollex on May 29, 2019 3:05:24 PM

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Radio Communication

Here are a few easy ways to enhance your two-way radio communication:

Upgrade to digital

Are your radio conversations sounding muffled, spotty, or cutting in and out? Upgrading your fleet to digital can help clear up audio quality and enhance coverage within your day-to-day operations. Quite often switching from analog to digital can clear up current problems that are being experienced with your radios. If you are currently using the CP200d analog radio, you can purchase the software upgrade and make it digital!

Use a higher quality accessory

Having an accessory that is reliable and durable can make a huge difference in your teams’ communication. Sometimes cheaper accessories make the audio quality diminish and harder to understand. Purchasing a noise canceling surveillance kit can help clear background noise and give you a better user experience.

Use a longer antenna

If your radio fleet has stubby antennas, using whip antennas can help extend your coverage in-building or outside. Sometimes this quick swapping of antennas can give you about 20% better coverage!

Add a repeater

Adding a repeater can help give you extended coverage and allow your team to connect even further. These are even available in our rental fleet if you are needing them for a short period of time or for a rental event

Do you have questions about upgrading or enhancing your radio communication?

Feel free to give us a call at 303-987-1545 or contact us online at:


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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting Radios

Posted by Michael Pollex on Apr 12, 2019 8:50:16 AM

 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting Radios 

There are many advantages to equipping event staff with walkie talkies. Having a line of communication that is one-to-many keeps work teams connected, more efficient, and can even save lives of those attending your event. When looking to rent, here are a few important questions to ask yourself in order to properly equip your team.

Which radio should I rent?

Coverage, usage, and personal preference all come in to play when looking to rent. Due to its size, the EVX-S24 radio is the most popular radio and is easy to use. The CP200d is also another good option and will give you extended coverage. For larger events, the XPR7550e is a durable option that gives users more options when it comes to their system setup.

Will my staff need radio accessories?

Quite often staff members will need to use a radio hands-free. There are many options users have when renting with Radio Resource. Speaker mics work great for users on the go looking for a rugged solution. Surveillance kits offer a lightweight and discreet look for staff members looking for an in-ear option.

Will I need a repeater for extended communication?

Some larger events may require repeaters to expand coverage of their radios. Renting a repeater and setting it up is quick and easy with our rental fleet. Some large bike races or events in multiple buildings can benefit from renting a repeater as well. Coverage will depend on the geographic location, topography, and event type. Ask our rental team here if suggestions are needed and check out our YouTube page to see how to set up a Radio Resource rental repeater and get radio usage tips.

If you are considering renting radios for your event, feel free to give us a call at 303-987-1545 and we can help find a communication solution for you!


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Call Box Solutions

Posted by Michael Pollex on Feb 21, 2019 2:02:30 PM

Call Box Solutions

Call box solutions provide a reliable way for employees, visitors, or customers to get in contact with a monitoring station or two-way radio user on property. Quite often, call boxes are found on school campuses, shopping centers, hospitals, and many other businesses. These call boxes can be easily integrated within two-way radio systems and gives users a reliable, affordable, and instant way to communicate. Both analog and digital two-way radio users can deploy this solution to enhance the safety, security, and communication within their businesses. Most call boxes work exactly like a two-way radio: Push to talk and release to listen. Other enhanced features are also available depending on the type of call box.

Some call boxes have built in chips that allow monitoring personnel to identify which call box the notification is coming from. Because of this feature, monitors can respond quickly and go to the area of the call if help is needed. Call boxes can be solar operated as well so parking lots, remote locations on property, and other hard to reach places can stay connected in a time of need. Tamper and vandal resistant features make this solution safe to deploy in any area. Some call boxes available are weatherproof so damage from inclement weather isn't a factor.

These solutions can be either wall mounted or free standing. The variety of call box designs gives users many different options on how and where they can deploy this solution. There are many different high quality call box solutions that can fit your communication needs.

If you are interested in implementing or deploying this solution within your operations today or have any questions on call box solutions, feel free to reach out to us at: https://www.radioresource.com/contact-us.htm


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Smart Device Integration with Two-way Radios

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 25, 2019 9:05:36 AM

WAVE Push-to-Talk and MOTOTRBO Integration

Motorola Wave OnCloud is a simple way to stay connected with your work team using your smart device. WAVE OnCloud give users PTT communications, location services, photo/video sharing and much more.

WAVE is a push-to-talk solution that connects your work team across different networks and devices. WAVE users can connect using just their smart devices with the app that is compatible with both IOS and Android phones and tablets. Users can pay a month to month subscription or subscribe annually. It’s as simple as activating an account and downloading the app!

WAVE also offers a dispatch solution as well. This dispatch application is ideal for trucking companies or any company looking to track their fleet state or nationwide. Log into any internet connection a see where your team is at with location and mapping. WAVE dispatch lives in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing any information on your PC or phone if something was to happen to your device.

Current MOTOTRBO users can integrate WAVE into their fleet of two-way radios. With WAVE, users can stay connected whether they are on their radio, phone, tablet, or computer. No matter how many work teams, users, or the location...WAVE can help your team stay connected.

In order to see WAVE and its features, there is a FREE 30 day trial where you and your team can test out this product and see if it is the right communication solution for you.

If you are interested in a free trial of WAVE, please contact us at: 



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