Two-way Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

Posted by Michael Pollex on Feb 20, 2018 9:40:25 AM

Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

For the 28th year, Radio Resource successfully designed custom RF systems and distributed radios for Super Bowl events and festivities. Providing radios to thousands of staff members over the course of 3 weeks, our company is proud to help ensure quality communication among operations, security, and many other staff members that all made this years Super Bowl a success. We had the opportunity to interconnect radio communication between multiple sites, including the Minneapolis Convention Center, University of Minnesota, The Mall of America, and U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII.

What goes into this year’s Super Bowl two-way radio communication?

Months of preparation, shipments, and planning go into providing two-way radio equipment for the Super Bowl each year. In addition to the planning, ensuring equipment is programmed, on time, and ready to use is a key element of making operations run smoothly. Many different tests and checks are performed prior to Super Bowl game day in order to ensure systems are working properly, and they are up to the standards of the staff members using the equipment.

Designing custom two-way radio systems for the Super Bowl poses challenges such as having multiple sites, high volume of radio users, and high RF noise signature. This also includes having to coordinate more than 20 separate production groups to talk to one another. Clarity of digital voice is critical for staff to understand other radio users in high noise environments, from the sidelines to the security checkpoints. Capacity Plus infrastructure and Motorola XPR 7550e radios proved to be reliable and help provide clear digital voice for staff members throughout multiple venues.

To ensure quality communication, we took advantage of MOTOTRBO’s ability to help increase productivity of the NFL staff and connect a large number of voice’s communicating instantly and clearly. Having this ability to use MOTOTRBO allowed us to sort more than 22,000 voice calls within a 12-hour period, while supporting 58 talk groups. By taking advantage of MOTORTBO’s robust integrated platform, we were able to remotely monitor and adjust our systems in real-time. Monitoring these multiple systems was made possible utilizing G3W. MOTOTRBO systems proved once again to be robust, diverse, and stable in one of the most challenging RF environments.

It is always our pleasure to be able to work with premier events staff in various settings throughout Super Bowl and build custom solutions for the events taking place. The entire Radio Resource team contributed to making radio communication a success at Super Bowl LII, and we are looking forward to more upcoming events in 2018.

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Bi-Directional Amplifier and Distributed Antenna Solutions

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 31, 2018 10:13:22 AM

In Building Solutions: Bi-Directional Amplifier & Distributed Antenna Systems

BDA DAS Systems.jpeg

Radio Resource Inc. of Colorado can help engineer and design a custom solution for your facility. We offer custom Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions to amplify and easily distribute RF signal throughout your building.

Systems like these require proper engineering design and analysis in order to function correctly and work specifically for your situation. Common applications we see these systems are, hospitals, underground structures, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and many others. We partner with many top manufacturers in the United States to increase the signal strength of your radio system. These products will not only enhance your operations, but it will improve safety of staff, customers, and tenants that use your facilities. We have years of experience in two-way radios, bi-directional amplifier, and distributed antenna systems. We serve clients nationwide and would love the opportunity to help you and your operations.

Investing in your building and infrastructure is important for the long-term health of any business and its employees. Make sure that your building is up to the fire departments requirements, and ensure your employees are working in a safer environment. 

To find out more about our different in building solutions, visit us at:

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Motorola EVX-261

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 26, 2018 1:33:03 PM

Motorola EVX-261

motorola evx-261 close.jpg

The Motorola EVX-261 is a 5-watt radio that is durable and can give you a great amount of coverage for a great value. This radio was recently rebranded on January 1st, and still has the same specs and design as it did when it was branded as a Vertex EVX-261. This radio boasts superior audio output, while being able to operate in both digital and analog modes. Two-way radios are slowly shifting toward digital, and this could be the perfect radio to help make that transition smooth and easy. The ability to mix your fleet gives your team and your budget the flexibility of upgrading your radios.

The EVX-261 has features available such as Lone Worker and Emergency Alert that gives work teams peace of mind, knowing that there can be safety measures put in place for any type of job. Rated IP55, the EVX-261 is a reliable and durable radio that can enhance team communication in all types of environments. The EVX-261 has two programmable keys and the ability to have 16 channels. There are multiple scan options and many different functions that can take your team communication and team safety from good to great.

Motorola Solutions has been a trusted brand for team communication and operations for decades. If you are looking to enhance your team communication, or find out more about the Motorola EVX-261, visit:

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Motorola 2018 Trade-In Offers

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 19, 2018 1:06:18 PM

Take Advantage of Motorola Trade-in Offers

Motorola Solutions Logo.jpg


Are you looking to upgrade your two-way radio fleet in 2018? There is no better time for new radios, than at the start of a new year. If you are looking to enhance your work team productivity and increase team communication, now is the perfect time.

Motorola is offering a trade-in deal where you can save $1,250 when you purchase 10 or more XPR7000 or SL7000 radios and trade in 10 or more eligible units. The XPR7000 series radios are designed for customers who are looking for advanced features with integrated voice and data. These rugged and reliable radios are ideal for operations looking to boost the connectivity of their workers. The SL7000 series radios boast a sleek design and are easy to handle. These light and slim radios can give you better quality voice and greater range.  Motorola is also offering another trade-in deal where you can save $300 when you purchase a SLR5700 repeater and trade in a MTR2000 U2 repeater.

Upgrade your infrastructure and/or radios today, and see the benefit of MOTOTRBO. With the upgrade, you will have more ways to keep your team connected, and this will help you decrease down time and improve operational efficiency. Text messaging and GPS tracking are some of the many features that you will be able to enhance your team communications with.

To get more information about these limited time offers, please visit:

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Vertex Standard and Motorola Solutions Unite

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 11, 2018 10:07:42 AM

Important Update for Vertex Standard & Motorola Radio Users

Motorola-Vertex Rebrand.jpg

Starting this month, Vertex Standard and Motorola Solutions will join forces and unite under one brand, Motorola Solutions. With this merging comes some changes to the Vertex Standard Product Portfolio.

The following Vertex Standard model radios will be rebranded as Motorola Solutions commercial radios:

          - VX-260 Series

          - VX-450 Series

          - VX-2100 and VX-2200 mobiles

          - EVX-261 and EVX-S24

Along with the rebrand are some product cancellations. The following products will be cancelled and no longer offered.

          - EVX-531/534/539

          - VX-4500/4600, EVX-5300/5400

          - VX-4500/4600,EVX-5300/5400,VX-5500 UHF/VHF

          - EVX-Link

If you have any questions regarding this change, feel free to reach out to us at:

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TDMA Digital Technology: Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jan 5, 2018 1:06:18 PM

How TDMA Digital Technology can Increase Efficiency and Save you Money 

 Shifting to digital radios can give you a much clearer path of communication, and it allows you to operate more efficiently. Not to mention, digital radio’s give you more features, and enhances team communication. One type of digital technology is TDMA.

TDMA stands for, “Time Division Multiple Access” and it allows multiple conversations to share the same radio channel. This digital technology doubles the performance of your repeater and allows more conversations to take place. Essentially TDMA doubles the voice capacity of your repeater without needing to makes changes to your FCC license. Also, the second slot can be used for transmitting data such as text messages or location. TDMA allows you to support more users per site and allows conversations to have clearer digital voice.

Using TDMA is also more cost-effective for your radios and equipment. TDMA digital technology essentially cuts your equipment costs because you can have a greater amount of talk paths with fewer repeaters. Your repeaters will be used more efficiently and effectively, and one digital repeater using TDMA can replace two analog repeaters. There is no need to combine equipment or buy extra repeaters to have an extra repeater slot. TDMA can also save battery power because it requires only half of the transmitting power. By cutting the transmitting power in half, it enables up to 40% reduction in battery drain. This will cause your radios to operate more efficiently

Motorola Solutions believes that TDMA is the most effective form of digital technology and most efficient for business solutions. The slow shift from analog to digital two-way radios is here to stay. See how TDMA and going digital can enhance your business communications.

To speak to a representative today about TDMA and two-way radios: click here

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IP Site Connect - Connecting Your Team Without Constraints

Posted by Michael Pollex on Dec 29, 2017 9:23:22 AM

IP Site Connect-Connecting Your Team Without Constraints

Imagine using two-way radios to talk to one of your job sites in another city, or another building across the world. MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect allows you to extend the reach of your two-way radio system and connect up to 15 different sites, with up to 200 users per site, regardless of where they are located.

IP Site Connect allows you to connect multiple repeaters over an IP network to extend your coverage. IP site connect can be perfect for school districts that have buses dispersed around the city, or manufacturers looking to communicate between different facilities that are miles apart. For example, if your manufacturing plant is located in Denver, you can communicate real time with your engineers and distribution warehouses in other countries! If one of your locations is running in VHF and the other in UHF, IP Site Connect is able to connect these two different sites so they can talk to each other.

The IP network gives you areawide coverage and can link geographically dispersed locations. Features like GPS, text messaging, and work order tickets can make your team more efficient and keep you better connected. No matter how dispersed your different facilities and sites are, you can stay connected. IP Site Connect enhances coverage throughout your property. Drop-out spots are greatly decreased, regardless if you are in a metal structure or a concrete building. This system from MOTOTRBO system allows your operations to run smoothly regardless of location.

IP site connect is currently helping many different industries communicate efficiently and stay connected regardless of location.

See how IP Site Connect can enhance you and your team:

To get more information or request a quote, click here


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Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs in the Construction Industry

Posted by Michael Pollex on Dec 22, 2017 7:58:38 AM

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs in the Construction Industry

Construction companies are constantly looking for ways to compete and get an edge over their competition. In today's economy, customers are continually demanding lower prices and want projects done quicker. In order to stay competitive, contractors should look to cut down time on their project and increase the effectiveness of their workers.

In order to cut costs, construction companies must maximize their efficiency when working on a project. Team communication is a large part of getting any project done in a timely and organized matter. This is where two-way radio communication comes in. Seamless communication between different workers at a job site can help operations run smoothly and keep your team safer. Whether your company is in charge of building homes or bridges, Motorola solutions has many radio and radio accessory options to keep your team connected.

Workers can instantly connect with their PTT button and find out what they are supposed to be doing next, or communicate with team members throughout their day in regards to the scope of the project. Motorola has a selection of rugged, reliable, and effective radios that can be a great option for you and your team. Many of these radios can withstand extreme temperatures and the roughness of being in the field. To see which radio may be right for you, make sure to look at its IP Rating. This will help guide you in choosing a radio that is right for the conditions that you are exposing them to.

Radios like the CP200D, or the XPR3300 are two of the many radios that can be great options for your construction site.

We would love to assist you and choosing the right two-way radios for your company.

Contact us today at:


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Two-way Radios and Manufacturing Operations

Posted by Michael Pollex on Dec 14, 2017 8:41:46 AM

Two-way Radios Increase Manufacturing Plant Productivity 

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to hit their production goals and increase the efficiency of their operations. According to one specific study, 20% of profits are being lost in plant operations due to the amount of downtime that occurs.

Whether it is food production plant or a chemical plant, operations are always looking for a way to increase their team efficiency and connectedness. One way to do so is by having quality two-way radio communication systems in place. Employees of manufacturing plants need a way to stay connected, increase efficiency, and increase safety of operations.

Motorola Solutions offers some great choices when it comes to two-way radios for plant operations. To start, many Motorola radios have an intrinsically safe option. When conditions are hazardous, or the radio needs that extra level of protection, Motorola can provide that for the user. Extra accessories such as speaker mics, noise cancelling headsets, and different options give the end user a large amount of options.

Motorola’s WAVE Work Group Communications allows you to connect your radios with other devices, such as, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. By connecting all of your devices, this allows you to get every department the right information using their preferred communication platform. Using digital technology at your plant will give you better coverage and clearer voice.

Are you looking to increase productivity and safety for your plant operations? See how Radio Resource can help you today, visit:

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Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it mean to be Rugged?

Posted by Michael Pollex on Dec 4, 2017 9:30:58 AM

Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it Mean to be Rugged?

Having a rugged and reliable radio is important in the operations of many different industries. Whether you are fighting a fire, or working in a chemical plant, you want to know that you have communication in place that you can rely on. You need a radio that can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, or a radio that can withstand dust and salt.

Motorola works to ensure that your radios are reliable and have been put through intense testing standards, to make sure you know what type of radio you are getting. Radios from Motorola are put through tests for humidity, extremely low and high temperatures, vibration, sun exposure and many others.

After many tests are done, radios are given a certain IP Rating based on their performance in the many different tests they are put through. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which basically means how well the radio is going to be protected from water and dust. For some end users, they feel IP rating is one of the most important specs on a radio, due to the nature of their business.

To explain further, lets take for example the Motorola XPR3500e. This radio is rated IP 67. The first number “6” has to do with dust protection, and the “7” has to do with the degree of water protection. To break it down, see the chart to get a better breakdown of what IP rating is.



The XPR3500e is quite rugged and would be a great radio for job sites, or warehouse operations. To see the specs on different radios that would be best for your operations, visit:


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