Carrying Options for Two-way Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jul 22, 2021 2:35:56 PM

Carrying Options for Two-way Radios

Two-way radios are imperative for team communications and operations. A big question amongst users is, “What are the different carrying options I have?” Depending on use case and job type many radios have standard options that the radio comes with. That standard option is most often a belt clip. This cheap and convenient way to carry your radio works for most, but what if the user is wearing a dress or perhaps a suit that makes it tougher to get to a belt?

Here are a few different options that most radios offer as a carrying solution

  1. Belt Clip
  • CP series, EVX series, SL series, and XPR series radio packages all come standard with a belt clip
  1. Chest Pack
  1. Swivel Carry Holster
  • These come standard with the SL series radios.
  1. Nylon Carry Case
  2. Hand Strap
  • A great option for the SL300 series.
  1. Lanyard
  • Lanyards have proven to be a great option for the EVX-S24 radios. This is popular amongst users wearing dresses or skirts.
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Apr 12, 2019 8:50:16 AM

 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Renting Radios 

There are many advantages to equipping event staff with walkie talkies. Having a line of communication that is one-to-many keeps work teams connected, more efficient, and can even save lives of those attending your event. When looking to rent, here are a few important questions to ask yourself in order to properly equip your team.

Which radio should I rent?

Coverage, usage, and personal preference all come in to play when looking to rent. Due to its size, the EVX-S24 radio is the most popular radio and is easy to use. The CP200d is also another good option and will give you extended coverage. For larger events, the XPR7550e is a durable option that gives users more options when it comes to their system setup.

Will my staff need radio accessories?

Quite often staff members will need to use a radio hands-free. There are many options users have when renting with Radio Resource. Speaker mics work great for users on the go looking for a rugged solution. Surveillance kits offer a lightweight and discreet look for staff members looking for an in-ear option.

Will I need a repeater for extended communication?

Some larger events may require repeaters to expand coverage of their radios. Renting a repeater and setting it up is quick and easy with our rental fleet. Some large bike races or events in multiple buildings can benefit from renting a repeater as well. Coverage will depend on the geographic location, topography, and event type. Ask our rental team here if suggestions are needed and check out our YouTube page to see how to set up a Radio Resource rental repeater and get radio usage tips.

If you are considering renting radios for your event, feel free to give us a call at 303-987-1545 and we can help find a communication solution for you!


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Motorola EVX S24

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Aug 24, 2018 2:02:03 PM

Motorola EVX S24

The Motorola EVX S24 is compact, discreet, and lightweight. This radio is commonly seen in schools, small hotels, and other operations looking for a smaller two-way radio that is easy to use. This radio gives off great audio quality and can operate in analog or digital. Another great feature of this radio is that it's water submersible up to 3 feet for 30 seconds. EVX S24 users also have multiple scan options available and an emergency/lone worker feature as well.

Its 8-character alphanumeric display allows users to see what channel they are on and how much battery life they have. This radio can easily fit into a coat pocket or be clipped onto a belt. Operating in digital, users can send text messages and utilize private or group call. Users can choose between black or yellow casing on the radio as well.

Previously this radio was know as the Vertex EVX S24 and has recently been rebranded to Motorola in January 2018.

To find out more about this radio, contact us at:

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Motorola EVX and VX Series Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jul 6, 2018 2:41:20 PM

Motorola EVX and VX Series Radios

The EVX and VX Series recently joined Motorola in January of 2018 and have provided immense value to users in many different industries. The VX and EVX series are high powered, top notch radios at a cost-effective price. These radios require an FCC license, and with that you will have your own private frequencies to communicate on.

Are you looking for a radio that is small, easy to use, and water submersible? The EVX-S24 may be the perfect radio for you. It is lightweight and a favorite among users because it’s easy to use.

Another radio to look at is the EVX-261. This radio can be a great option for you if you are looking to make a shift from analog to digital. This cost effective and durable radio is a great option for numerous industries looking to upgrade their two-way radio fleet.

If you are looking for an intrinsically safe option, going with the VX-451 or VX-454 could be the best option for you. This radio comes in at an IP57 durability rating and is built for harsh environments.

Time and time again the EVX and VX series radios have proven their durability and reliability. This series of radios from Motorola boasts superb audio quality and user friendly features.

For more information on this series of radios, please visit:

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Tips for Deploying Two-way Radios within an Operation

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jun 28, 2018 11:05:49 AM

Tips for Deploying Two-way Radios Within an Operation

Two-way radios can be a great addition to many different types of businesses. From manufacturing warehouses to community centers, two-way radios can help increase productivity, safety, and efficiency. Walkie talkies have proven to be an effective one-to-one and one-to-many way form of communication. When implementing two-way radios into your business, there are a few important tips for businesses when first deploying two-way radios. 

Make sure everyone is properly trained

Before distributing radios to employees, it is important that employees know how to properly use their radio. Having a demo session before, or a quick meeting can allow for time for employees to ask questions and get comfortable with their new effective mode of communication. When working with Radio Resource, our representatives are more than happy to talk to employees and demonstrate proper radio etiquette. 

Knowing the different functions of the radio, like programmable buttons

Having a grip on radio functionality can allow employees to more effectively use their radios. If functions like an emergency all call or scan are programmed into the radio, it is important for employees to know so they can use these functions when needed.

Make sure employees know who is their go-to person for their radio issues

It is important that employees report any damaged or stolen equipment to the designated radio manager(s) within their operation. The sooner the problem is reported, the quicker it can be taken care of. Some radios are able to be remotely stunned, which means that it can be shut down and will be inoperable. This is effective for radios that have been lost, or possibly stolen from a former employee.

Overall, it's important that staff members of any operation are prepared when it comes to properly using their two-way radios. Having a deployment plan in place when implementing new radios into any operation help your team be more prepared for the day ahead!

Questions? Contact us at:

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Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it mean to be Rugged?

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Dec 4, 2017 9:30:58 AM

Two-way Radios and IP Rating. What does it Mean to be Rugged?

Having a rugged and reliable radio is important in the operations of many different industries. Whether you are fighting a fire, or working in a chemical plant, you want to know that you have communication in place that you can rely on. You need a radio that can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, or a radio that can withstand dust and salt.

Motorola works to ensure that your radios are reliable and have been put through intense testing standards, to make sure you know what type of radio you are getting. Radios from Motorola are put through tests for humidity, extremely low and high temperatures, vibration, sun exposure and many others.

After many tests are done, radios are given a certain IP Rating based on their performance in the many different tests they are put through. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which basically means how well the radio is going to be protected from water and dust. For some end users, they feel IP rating is one of the most important specs on a radio, due to the nature of their business.

To explain further, lets take for example the Motorola XPR3500e. This radio is rated IP 67. The first number “6” has to do with dust protection, and the “7” has to do with the degree of water protection. To break it down, see the chart to get a better breakdown of what IP rating is.



The XPR3500e is quite rugged and would be a great radio for job sites, or warehouse operations. To see the specs on different radios that would be best for your operations, visit:


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Two-way Radios and Hotel Operations

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Nov 27, 2017 9:54:47 AM

Two-way Radios and Hotel Operations

Communication is at the center of keeping hotels running smoothly. It’s important that housekeeping, front desk, maintenance, and all other departments are staying connected throughout the day. This is why quality two-way radio communication is important for day-to-day operations.

Whether you are running a small hotel with 50 rooms, or a large resort with over 5,000 rooms, it is important for all employees to stay connected. Two-way radios allow you to enhance staff efficiency while improving guest satisfaction. Radios are more efficient and effective now than ever before. Slim radios like the SL300 or the SL3500 are some of the favorites due to size and capabilities. These radios are durable and light, which makes them ideal for any department to use. Motorola offers a wide range of options and has radios that are just right for your hotel and what you are looking to use them for.

With radios, work-order tickets can be placed and situations can get handled faster. Simple push-to-talk capabilities and sharing real time information is key when handling an emergency, or getting repairs done on rooms before guests arrive.

Hotel staff members look to communicate effectively by using earpieces to communicate hands free, or even using their WAVE On-Cloud app to connect their smartphones with their two-way radios.

Two-way radios have proven to enhance guest satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. To see more radio options for your hotel, visit

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Tips to Improve Your Two-way Radio Battery Life

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Nov 16, 2017 7:58:17 AM

Tips to Improve Battery Life For Your Two-way Radios


Here are a few tips to help protect your rechargeable batteries and increase their use and performance life. Taking proper care of your rechargeable batteries can save you and your business money in the long-run!

1.Charge your new battery overnight before using it. By charging your battery overnight for the first time, this INITIALIZES it.

2.When using a Motorola Rapid Charger, leave the battery in the charger for an extra 1 to 2 hours after you see a green light. This applies to non-IMPRES batteries only.

3.DO NOT leave your fully charged radio and battery in the charger when not charging. This will eventually shorten battery life.

4.Stabilize batteries to room temperature when charging. If batteries are charged in extremely cold or extremely warm temperatures performance life of the battery will decrease.

5.Only charge a battery when it needs it. If it is not fully discharged, do not recharge it. We suggest carrying a spare with you if need be. This is the most cost-effective solution for users requiring a longer operating time with their radios.

Battery Life on your two-way radios seeming to die out often? Check out these other tips that may help you:



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Advantages of DMR digital technology : is it right for you?

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Sep 20, 2017 3:45:22 PM

Advantages of DMR Digital Technology


DMR boasts many advantages and may be the best solution for you.

DMR is a type of digital technology for radios that utilizes TDMA. In utilizing TDMA, it doubles its capacity and allows a single channel to support two calls coming in simultaneously.

Here are 4 of the many advantages that come with using DMR:

Using DMR can help you make a more efficient use of your infrastructure equipment. Because DMR uses TDMA, one repeater can support two channels simultaneously. This will save you money in the long run and will give you the chance to spend less on equipment while having better audio quality. Utilizing your infrastructure to its fullest capability is ideal when spending money on any type of system.

Utilizing DMR will also give you longer battery life with your mobile devices. This is because only one of the time slots is being used when a single call comes in. Another positive of utilizing less battery life is that it is greener and more beneficial for the environment.

DMR also allows an easier implementation of data applications. Applications such as GPS tracking and text messaging are possible thanks to DMR. Having these different applications will allow you to communicate in a more efficient way and give your team better direction. These applications can take your team communications to the next level.

Compared to analog, using DMR will give you enhanced audio quality. In using DMR, you will have clearer and better audio communication, especially when you are toward the furthest points of transmission with your radios.

Allowing your team to communicate effectively through DMR digital technology can help you boost communication within your organization. 

If considering DMR, one radio to look at (depending on which industry you are in) is the Vertex Standard EVX-S24. This small and durable radio is easy to handle and lighter compared to many other radios.

For more information on DMR and radio options visit:


“Key Benefits of DMR Technology.” Digital Mobile Radio Association | Privacy Policy, Accessed 20 Sept. 2017.


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