Two-way Radios for Hotels

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jan 8, 2019 8:20:58 AM

Two-way Radios for Hotels

Team communication in the hospitality industry is vital when it come to operations, guest safety, and guest satisfaction. Two-way radios have proven to be a great one-to-many solution in keeping staff members on the same page. Whether a hotel has 100 rooms or 1000 rooms; keeping management, housekeeping, engineering, and other departments on the same page is critical for daily operations and emergency situations.

Typically, smaller hotels find the Motorola EVX-S24 to be a great fit for their operations. It’s display screen easily tells users which channel they are one, and one to one calling is available as well. Generally smaller hotels will see this radio give them coverage easily throughout their property. Another great option is the Motorola SL300 radio. This slim radio can easily fit into a pocket, and boasts an LED display screen as well. These 3-watt digital radios tend to be favorites due to their size, functionality, and clarity of audio. Other radios such as the XPR7550e and SL7550e offer advanced features for radio users and allows them to improve their communication situation as well.

Larger hotels may need to operate their radios using a repeater system in order to expand their coverage. Quite often, a hotel needing many different repeater channels may choose to operate using Capacity Plus Trunking. Other systems such as IP Site Connect and Capacity Max can all assist larger operations with multiple sites and a large number of workers.

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SL Series Radios from Motorola Solutions-Where Function and Style Meet

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jun 1, 2018 10:25:36 AM

SL Series Radios from Motorola Solutions-Where Function and Style Meet

Keeping your work team connected can be a challenge if there aren’t the proper communication systems in place. The MOTOTRBO SL Series radios allows users to stay more connected by utilizing different business applications. A main part of two-way radio is obviously push-to-talk communication, but the SL Series radios can do so much more.

The SL Series radios are exceptionally slim in size, making the radio easy to use and comfortable to carry. Embedded Bluetooth is also available for wireless audio and multiple earpiece and accessory options are available as well.

Utilizing the SL Series radio to its full capability allows you to see the power of team connection and makes your team more efficient. There are numerous business applications that can enhance many different parts of your operations and make your team more efficient.

Work order tickets allows you to have quicker customer response and allows you to take care of an issue going on within your operations. In hospitality work order tickets can be used to direct employees to complete tasks such as bringing more chairs to the pool area or taking care of a leak in a specific room. The ticket can be accepted and then marked complete all using the SL Series radio.

Manager’s and staff members are all able to connect to their email directly from their SL Series two-way radio. The ability to see important emails through the two-way radios gives staff members yet another tool to help them manage their day and take care of important emails that may arise as they go throughout their day. To go along with email, the SL Series radios can text to each other, letting users connect with ease. Users can utilize telephony as well, connecting radios and landlines to their mobile two-way radios.

Overall, the SL Series digital radios give your team a stylish look but most of all effective team communication. To find out more about the SL Series radios or data applications, please contact us at:

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Intrinsically Safe Walkie Talkies for Hazardous Environments

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on May 18, 2018 10:53:43 AM

Is your two-way radio safe for your work environment?

It’s important to know when intrinsically safe radios should be used in your work environment. Places like chemical plants, oil rigs, coal mines, and many others should be using radios that are intrinsically safe. Quite often production managers, engineers, and other staff are unaware that their radio can possibly be putting them and others in danger if it's not intrinsically safe.

In environments like a chemical plant or oil rig, flammable vapors and dust can be present. A walkie talkie is considered an electronic device, and having a device that carries this electrical current can cause a spark. The heat that comes from the radio can also be a potential danger to the environment that it's in.

So, what does intrinsically safe mean?

The word intrinsically safe means that it is tested and approved for use in hazardous environments where the presence of heat, a spark, or flame can cause a fire or explosion. Radios that are manufactured to be intrinsically safe by Motorola have proven to withstand the toughest environments. Compliance testing is done by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to ensure that the product is up to withstanding your environment. The radios will come shipped with the hazardous location certification label, and you can ensure that your radio is safe to use in your potentially hazardous environment.

The XPR7350e and XPR7550e are a few radios that have intrinsically safe options for you facility if you are looking to communicate clearly and transmit data seamlessly.

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Motorola SLR 5700 Repeater

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Mar 16, 2018 10:13:33 AM

Are you looking to expand two-way radio coverage within your building?

Look no further than the Motorola SLR 5700 repeater. This repeater will give you reliable voice and data communication, helping your staff communicate in every corner of your operations. The SLR 5700 is the next generation of repeaters, and with its low power consumption is engineered for low cost of ownership. This durable repeater can operate as an analog, digital, or mixed

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Advantages of DMR digital technology : is it right for you?

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Sep 20, 2017 3:45:22 PM

Advantages of DMR Digital Technology


DMR boasts many advantages and may be the best solution for you.

DMR is a type of digital technology for radios that utilizes TDMA. In utilizing TDMA, it doubles its capacity and allows a single channel to support two calls coming in simultaneously.

Here are 4 of the many advantages that come with using DMR:

Using DMR can help you make a more efficient use of your infrastructure equipment. Because DMR uses TDMA, one repeater can support two channels simultaneously. This will save you money in the long run and will give you the chance to spend less on equipment while having better audio quality. Utilizing your infrastructure to its fullest capability is ideal when spending money on any type of system.

Utilizing DMR will also give you longer battery life with your mobile devices. This is because only one of the time slots is being used when a single call comes in. Another positive of utilizing less battery life is that it is greener and more beneficial for the environment.

DMR also allows an easier implementation of data applications. Applications such as GPS tracking and text messaging are possible thanks to DMR. Having these different applications will allow you to communicate in a more efficient way and give your team better direction. These applications can take your team communications to the next level.

Compared to analog, using DMR will give you enhanced audio quality. In using DMR, you will have clearer and better audio communication, especially when you are toward the furthest points of transmission with your radios.

Allowing your team to communicate effectively through DMR digital technology can help you boost communication within your organization. 

If considering DMR, one radio to look at (depending on which industry you are in) is the Vertex Standard EVX-S24. This small and durable radio is easy to handle and lighter compared to many other radios.

For more information on DMR and radio options visit:


“Key Benefits of DMR Technology.” Digital Mobile Radio Association | Privacy Policy, Accessed 20 Sept. 2017.


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