The Benefits of Capacity Plus Trunking

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Oct 20, 2017 10:59:48 AM

The Benefits of Capacity Plus Trunking

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Capacity Plus Trunking may be a great option for your facility and day-to-day operations. Hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and many others can benefit from Capacity Plus Trunking. Ultimately, getting a Capacity Plus System for your operations can boost efficiency and keep your team members better connected and better prepared throughout their day. Customer requests can be handled quicker, repairs can be made sooner, and tasks will be handled smoother. With multiple ways to communicate with Capacity Plus allows your work team to be best prepared for what is next, whether it is a customer need or emergency within the workplace.

Capacity Plus Trunking allows your team to communicate without using extra frequencies and gives you more options as to how to communicate with your team. It will give you greater coverage with a higher capacity. It can link up to 12 different voice paths, and 24 different data paths! This platform can support up to 1,200 radio users at once. Work tickets can be fulfilled faster and each employee will have an enhanced communication experience. Features such as GPS, text messaging, and system wide calling are a few of the many features that are available to you if you decide to upgrade to capacity plus. Integrating your smartphones is also an option when moving to Capacity Plus.

To read more about Capacity Plus Trunking, check out this white paper:

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