Popular School Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Aug 7, 2019 3:11:49 PM

Popular School Radios

Two-way radio communication in schools is key in keeping staff connected and helping manage emergency situations on campus. With that, there are a few radios that come to mind that are popular in schools today.

The EVX-S24 boasts a small form factor and display screen that is easy to read. This 3 watt digital radio is easy to carry and gives clear digital audio. The EVX-S24 offers an IP67 rating and is water submersible for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Teachers, administrators, and office staff will appreciate having this small radio at their desk or on their hip. Other advanced scan features, direct call abilities, and text messaging allows private conversation if needed.

The SL300 is another popular radio among schools. This slim radio can easily slide into a coat pocket or fit on your hip in its swivel carry holster. Its display allows you to see what channel you are operating on and provides clear audio. Operating at 3 watts in digital this radio will help your team stay connected from the playground to the front office. When operating in digital multiple emergency options are available and can be programmed into the side programmable button. When looking for a sleek and reliable option, the SL300 gives you advanced features with a professional look. 

One last radio to mention is the Motorola VX-261. This radio is perfect for the entry level user that is looking for a simple push-to-talk solution while maximizing coverage. This 4 watt analog radio has a great price point and still offers different scan features and a solid durability rating.

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Motorola SL300 in the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Oct 27, 2017 12:28:23 PM

Motorola SL300: Light,Sleek,Durable

In the world of hospitality, communication is everything. Different departments need to be able to communicate: Hotel operations, Housekeeping, Concierge, Maintenance, Front desk. Without communication in the hospitality industry, operations would not run smoothly, and guests would be left unsatisfied.

Not only is communication important for guest satisfaction, but it’s important for guest safety. Radio communication is the strongest and most reliable form of communication within the hospitality and hotel industry. With instant push-to-talk capabilities, radios can facilitate communication easily and efficiently in a matter of seconds. Hotels around the world utilize radio communication for their operations and to ensure the safety of their guests.

Many argue that radios can be bulky, and Motorola has rolled out a new radio that is just the opposite of that. This new radio is the Motorola SL300. Smaller to medium sized hotels can benefit from this 3 watt radio.

The SL300 is lightweight with a simple LED display and short antenna. This MOTOTRBO radio has a sleek design and is easy for all departments to use.  At less than an inch thick, this radio is IP54 rated meaning that it is splash proof and dust proof. Because of its design, it is a favorite among users that are looking for a rugged and reliable radio to handle its operations. This radio can be easily operated and even fits in your pocket!

Another feature that makes this radio a favorite among hotel operations is the swivel carry holster that gives you convenient access to clip in and take out the radio with ease.

The SL300 boasts numerous benefits at a great price point for its wide range of capabilities. Upgrade your existing radios to the SL300s or implement them in your fleet to give you easier and more effective communication.

The SL300 can help team communication in a variety of industries. This may be the perfect radio for you and your company.

Click here to see if this radio is the right radio for you!

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