Church Security and Walkie Talkies

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jun 20, 2019 2:57:10 PM

Church Security and Walkie Talkies

Many different churches and places of worship have come to realize a need for their own internal security team. Quite often volunteers, ex-military, ex-law enforcement, or anyone willing to help are a part of a church security team. Having organized groups, knowing the building, and staying connected are some of the many important aspects of these teams.

Keeping church security teams connected in a simple and efficient way is important and that's where two-way radios can help. Having your own FCC License gives your church private frequencies so you don't have to worry about having someone on your radio channels. These private channels can give your team peace of mind that security conversations will stay within the team.

Most churches are often looking for a push-to-talk communication solution that is easy for all to use and cost effective. Radios like the EVX-S24 and VX-261 are both affordable and effective radios for these types of operations. The EVX-S24 has a display screen that can be programmed to name different channels. Security, Office, and Parking are a few common channels that churches will use in order to keep their team communication organized. It's important that the team has a general understanding of radio use, etiquette, and functionality.

Most church buildings and operations do not have a need for a repeater due to their size and radio use. Simple 1 or 2 wire headsets can help with discreet communication in the sanctuary or outside of the building. There are many interchangeable earpiece options that gives radio users the freedom to choose and wear what is comfortable for them. Whether the church is large or small, equipping your team with the right equipment can go a long way.

If you are in the Denver area and looking for walkie talkies for your church, feel free to contact us at:

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Two-way Radios for Hotels

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jan 8, 2019 8:20:58 AM

Two-way Radios for Hotels

Team communication in the hospitality industry is vital when it come to operations, guest safety, and guest satisfaction. Two-way radios have proven to be a great one-to-many solution in keeping staff members on the same page. Whether a hotel has 100 rooms or 1000 rooms; keeping management, housekeeping, engineering, and other departments on the same page is critical for daily operations and emergency situations.

Typically, smaller hotels find the Motorola EVX-S24 to be a great fit for their operations. It’s display screen easily tells users which channel they are one, and one to one calling is available as well. Generally smaller hotels will see this radio give them coverage easily throughout their property. Another great option is the Motorola SL300 radio. This slim radio can easily fit into a pocket, and boasts an LED display screen as well. These 3-watt digital radios tend to be favorites due to their size, functionality, and clarity of audio. Other radios such as the XPR7550e and SL7550e offer advanced features for radio users and allows them to improve their communication situation as well.

Larger hotels may need to operate their radios using a repeater system in order to expand their coverage. Quite often, a hotel needing many different repeater channels may choose to operate using Capacity Plus Trunking. Other systems such as IP Site Connect and Capacity Max can all assist larger operations with multiple sites and a large number of workers.

To find out more about two-way radio systems for hotels, please visit us at

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Two-way Radio vs. Cell Phone

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Aug 10, 2018 2:09:11 PM

Two-way Radio vs. Cell Phone

 Two-way radios offer a great advantage over cell phones when it comes to keeping your work team connected, efficient, and on task. Often times it easy to lose reception on a cell phone or not connect instantly with the person you are attempting to call. Two-way radios from MOTOTRBO can connect you instantly with one person or all of your work force. With MOTOTRBO, you are able to send texts, emergency alerts, work order tickets, and much more.

Take for example a manufacturing plant. When a piece of machinery malfunctions in the plant, production comes to a halt. With a MOTOTRBO Digital radio the production manager can quickly send out an alert to ALL of the employees on the floor letting them know there is an issue. In this situation the production manager can quickly put in a work order ticket and request an order for new parts all over their MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio. MOTOTRBO allows you to easily transmit voice and data in an instant, allowing radio users to take care of the situation on hand with one device. Not to mention, two-way radios are far more durable than cell phones. With noise cancelling accessories and technology, two-way radios can help users communicate clearer in tough environments. Users can have more piece of mind knowing their radio is durable and can get the job done. Cell phones, especially in the manufacturing setting have proven to be less efficient, less durable, and more distracting. Quite often cell phones can lose service, are slow to turn on, and are not reliable in noisy situations.

Digital two-way radios from Motorola have been proven to withstand tough environments for long hours. There are even intrinsically safe options for two-way radios for those working in hazardous environments.

To find a walkie talkie solution that works for you, feel free to reach out to us at

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UHF or VHF... What's the Difference?

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on May 25, 2018 1:47:27 PM

UHF or VHF...What's the Difference?

So, what is the major difference between UHF and VHF two-way radios? Most VHF business radios operate within 136-174 MHz, and UHF business radios operate within the 450-512 MHz range. This being said, we can see that VHF operates on a narrower spectrum and consists of less channels than UHF.

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency and UHF radios can more easily penetrate through steel and concrete structures. Today, UHF radios are far more popular than VHF radios when looking at what different businesses are using for their daily operations. Because these radios can penetrate steel and concrete, most businesses like manufacturing plants, retail stores, and schools choose to use UHF radios within their building. UHF two-way radios typically have shorter antennas compared to VHF radios. One good tip for expanding coverage with your two-way radios is to add a longer whip antenna to your radio. In doing this, you may be able to avoid needing a higher powered radio at your facility.

VHF stands for Very High Frequency and VHF radios sit on the lower end of the spectrum. Because of this, it has longer wavelength which allows the signal to travel further. VHF radios are most commonly used in outdoor areas and open field operations. Aviation, Marine, and farming environments have all seen the benefits of using VHF two-way radios. Typically, these radios are not ideal for use in places like cities with high-rise buildings or indoor use. Depending on the type of radio being used, it is more likely that VHF will be cheaper compared to UHF. 

If you are unsure of which radio would best fit your needs and operations, feel free to reach out to us at 303-987-1545, or visit:

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Advantages of Digital Two-way Radios

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Sep 13, 2017 11:59:11 AM


Digital radios from Motorola offer many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality with greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more. That's why it's critical to consider digital migration now - so when you're ready to upgrade, you'll choose a system with the greatest benefits for the long term. 

Improved Audio Quality

When you use a normal analog radio, every sound that's picked up by the microphone is transmitted. If there's a lot of background noise, it can be very difficult to understand you. Digital technology is purer. The software focuses purely on your voice, paying no attention to the machine clatter or the crowd noise around you. The result is exceptional voice clarity.

Better Coverage

While all radio signals grow fainter as they go further out, the voice quality on analog radios degrades much more quickly. At the far edge of coverage, even though signal strength is similar, digital voice will be clear and intelligible while analog voice will be garbled and masked by static.

Better Battery Life

Battery life is a big challenge for all mobile devices. But because digital technology is much more energy-efficient than analog, it reduces battery drain and improves talk time. Count on your battery to last up to 40% longer when you use a digital radio.

Increased Capacity

When it comes to spectrum efficiency, nothing matches digital technology. Digital is so bandwidth-efficient, it can accommodate two completely separate "channels" in one 12.5 kHz channel. As well as making more efficient use of precious radio spectrum, this also minimizes your licensing costs, especially as your business grows.

Data Applications Marketplace

Motorola Solutions Has worked with third-party developers to build a robust marketplace of enhanced applications to work with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios. These applications include GPS tracking, Man Down, text messaging, email, voice dispatch, work order management and much more.



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The Importance of Two-way Radios in Schools

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Aug 30, 2017 8:05:28 AM

Children are back to school in the Colorado area, and one item will remain at the top of the list for administration and staff in this upcoming school year: School Safety.

Administration and school security alike are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of not only the facilities, but more importantly the students. One item that should be important to them in school emergencies are their two-way radios. 

With radios, administration can easily coordinate orders from the top down. Whether there is an active shooter, fire, or natural disaster, messages can be passed from the administration office to each classroom in an effective way. 

Also, teachers have a way of reporting emergencies from the classroom to the administration office. Two-way radios have proven to be the most effective form of communication in school buildings when an emergency occurs. 

Motorola Solutions provides many great options for the education industry when it comes to school safety. Their durable radios have been tested and proven in an industry where safety is the top priority. One great radio for schools has been the Motorola SL300. This sleek radio is under an inch thick and is a favorite among many school personnel. 

Overall, school safety and two-way radios go hand-in-hand. Schools can rely on radio communications to keep their staff connected and be prepared for whatever situation may arise.

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