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Two-way Radio Battery Date Codes

Posted by Michael Pollex on Jun 14, 2018 10:12:12 AM

How to Read the Date Code on your Motorola Two-way Radio Battery

Do you ever wonder if the problems you are having with your two-way radio is due to the battery? One important thing to know about the battery is that it has a date code located on it! Depending on use, Lithium Ion batteries can last for 3-5 years. It is important to know that radio problems you are experiencing may just be because you have an old battery on your radio that needs to be replaced. Lets look at the picture below:

Next to the part number of the battery (NNTN4497CR in this case) there is typically a 4 digit date code. For example, on this battery we see the code “1512”. The first two digits have to do with the year of production. So with this battery the “15” stands for 2015. The next two digits stand for the week of the year that the battery was manufactured. This battery was manufactured in the 12th week of the year.

So, from reading the date code, we can see this battery was manufactured on the 12th week of 2015.

In some cases, if your battery is very old, you will see only 3 digits. For example, the code “145” would stand for the 45th week of 2001.

Make sure your battery is up to date!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your current radios or radio batteries, feel free to reach out to us at:


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Two-way Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

Posted by Michael Pollex on Feb 20, 2018 9:40:25 AM

Radio Communication at Super Bowl LII

For the 28th year, Radio Resource successfully designed custom RF systems and distributed radios for Super Bowl events and festivities. Providing radios to thousands of staff members over the course of 3 weeks, our company is proud to help ensure quality communication among operations, security, and many other staff members that all made this years Super Bowl a success. We had the opportunity to interconnect radio communication between multiple sites, including the Minneapolis Convention Center, University of Minnesota, The Mall of America, and U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII.

What goes into this year’s Super Bowl two-way radio communication?

Months of preparation, shipments, and planning go into providing two-way radio equipment for the Super Bowl each year. In addition to the planning, ensuring equipment is programmed, on time, and ready to use is a key element of making operations run smoothly. Many different tests and checks are performed prior to Super Bowl game day in order to ensure systems are working properly, and they are up to the standards of the staff members using the equipment.

Designing custom two-way radio systems for the Super Bowl poses challenges such as having multiple sites, high volume of radio users, and high RF noise signature. This also includes having to coordinate more than 20 separate production groups to talk to one another. Clarity of digital voice is critical for staff to understand other radio users in high noise environments, from the sidelines to the security checkpoints. Capacity Plus infrastructure and Motorola XPR 7550e radios proved to be reliable and help provide clear digital voice for staff members throughout multiple venues.

To ensure quality communication, we took advantage of MOTOTRBO’s ability to help increase productivity of the NFL staff and connect a large number of voice’s communicating instantly and clearly. Having this ability to use MOTOTRBO allowed us to sort more than 22,000 voice calls within a 12-hour period, while supporting 58 talk groups. By taking advantage of MOTORTBO’s robust integrated platform, we were able to remotely monitor and adjust our systems in real-time. Monitoring these multiple systems was made possible utilizing G3W. MOTOTRBO systems proved once again to be robust, diverse, and stable in one of the most challenging RF environments.

It is always our pleasure to be able to work with premier events staff in various settings throughout Super Bowl and build custom solutions for the events taking place. The entire Radio Resource team contributed to making radio communication a success at Super Bowl LII, and we are looking forward to more upcoming events in 2018.

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