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Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Apr 20, 2018 10:28:49 AM

Two-way Radio Accessories Enhance Team Communication

Motorola Headsets

Accessories can help optimize the performance of your Motorola handheld radios. Discreet Bluetooth earpieces, headsets, efficient battery solutions, and charging solutions can all add value to your operations.

Two-way radios offer reliable and controllable communications regardless of the environment. Whether you are in a loud stadium and need a dual-muff headset, or you run a private security team and need something lightweight, Motorola has a solution that is right for you. Noise-cancelling accessories are available for radio users that need to be able to communicate in loud and noisy environments. Often these accessories can be seen in manufacturing plants and various construction sites. In addition to earpiece and headset accessories, multi-unit chargers can help you charge all of your radios in one place and can help your staff easily keep track of where their radios are when charging.

Many radio users may need to carry extra batteries with them while in the field or on a job site. Depending on your daily use make sure you are getting the right power of battery to give you the life that you want throughout your daily operations. In addition to having extra batteries, having the right carrying case or using a belt clip for your radio can make your radio easier to access and use. Various models have carry holster, hand strap, and lanyard options to suit your needs when carrying your radio around all day.  

Motorola provides quality handheld radio accessories that can enhance your fleet and help your staff communicate better. To get more information on accessory options that can be good fit for your staff, visit:

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