TDMA Digital Technology: Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jan 5, 2018 1:06:18 PM

How TDMA Digital Technology can Increase Efficiency and Save you Money 

 TDMA Digital Technology.jpgShifting to digital radios can give you a much clearer path of communication, and it allows you to operate more efficiently. Not to mention, digital radio’s give you more features, and enhances team communication. One type of digital technology is TDMA.

TDMA stands for, “Time Division Multiple Access” and it allows multiple conversations to share the same radio channel. This digital technology doubles the performance of your repeater and allows more conversations to take place. Essentially TDMA doubles the voice capacity of your repeater without needing to makes changes to your FCC license. Also, the second slot can be used for transmitting data such as text messages or location. TDMA allows you to support more users per site and allows conversations to have clearer digital voice.

Using TDMA is also more cost-effective for your radios and equipment. TDMA digital technology essentially cuts your equipment costs because you can have a greater amount of talk paths with fewer repeaters. Your repeaters will be used more efficiently and effectively, and one digital repeater using TDMA can replace two analog repeaters. There is no need to combine equipment or buy extra repeaters to have an extra repeater slot. TDMA can also save battery power because it requires only half of the transmitting power. By cutting the transmitting power in half, it enables up to 40% reduction in battery drain. This will cause your radios to operate more efficiently

Motorola Solutions believes that TDMA is the most effective form of digital technology and most efficient for business solutions. The slow shift from analog to digital two-way radios is here to stay. See how TDMA and going digital can enhance your business communications.

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