Motorola EVX-261

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Jan 26, 2018 1:33:03 PM

Motorola EVX-261

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The Motorola EVX-261 is a 5-watt radio that is durable and can give you a great amount of coverage for a great value. This radio was recently rebranded on January 1st, and still has the same specs and design as it did when it was branded as a Vertex EVX-261. This radio boasts superior audio output, while being able to operate in both digital and analog modes. Two-way radios are slowly shifting toward digital, and this could be the perfect radio to help make that transition smooth and easy. The ability to mix your fleet gives your team and your budget the flexibility of upgrading your radios.

The EVX-261 has features available such as Lone Worker and Emergency Alert that gives work teams peace of mind, knowing that there can be safety measures put in place for any type of job. Rated IP55, the EVX-261 is a reliable and durable radio that can enhance team communication in all types of environments. The EVX-261 has two programmable keys and the ability to have 16 channels. There are multiple scan options and many different functions that can take your team communication and team safety from good to great.

Motorola Solutions has been a trusted brand for team communication and operations for decades. If you are looking to enhance your team communication, or find out more about the Motorola EVX-261, visit:

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