Two-way Radios and Manufacturing Operations

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Dec 14, 2017 8:41:46 AM

Two-way Radios Increase Manufacturing Plant Productivity 

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Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to hit their production goals and increase the efficiency of their operations. According to one specific study, 20% of profits are being lost in plant operations due to the amount of downtime that occurs.

Whether it is food production plant or a chemical plant, operations are always looking for a way to increase their team efficiency and connectedness. One way to do so is by having quality two-way radio communication systems in place. Employees of manufacturing plants need a way to stay connected, increase efficiency, and increase safety of operations.

Motorola Solutions offers some great choices when it comes to two-way radios for plant operations. To start, many Motorola radios have an intrinsically safe option. When conditions are hazardous, or the radio needs that extra level of protection, Motorola can provide that for the user. Extra accessories such as speaker mics, noise cancelling headsets, and different options give the end user a large amount of options.

Motorola’s WAVE Work Group Communications allows you to connect your radios with other devices, such as, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. By connecting all of your devices, this allows you to get every department the right information using their preferred communication platform. Using digital technology at your plant will give you better coverage and clearer voice.

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