Features of Digital Radios Enhance Team Communication

Posted by Radio Resource Inc. on Oct 6, 2017 1:49:33 PM

 Features of Digital Radios Enhance Team Communication

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With digital radios, a whole new set of features is available at your fingertips. Many people may have heard that “going digital” is not worth the time to retrain your staff on. The migration from analog to digital is quite simple and smooth process. Digital radios bring not only many advantages, but enhanced features. These features can help increase efficiency, improve crisis management, and give you a more personalized communication experience.

With digital, the ability to use text messaging with two-way radios is on the rise and many healthcare, hospitality, and warehouses are using this feature to effectively communicate. Orders can be filled, work tickets can be satisfied, and businesses can thrive through the use of text messaging on two-way radios.

Direct call is another popular feature of digital that allows teams to communicate more effectively. Instead of transmitting a message to your entire team over a channel, directly call a person on your work team without interrupting others from their task at hand. Along with individual call is group call, which allows a user to make a call to a set group within the entire group. And of course, all call is still available, where all users in the group are called.

Talking party identification is another great feature of digital because it allows you to see which user is transmitting over your channel. For ease of identification, these radio ID’s can be programmed to be certain names of staff members, or perhaps job titles.

Digital opens up a variety of options for its users and it offers a more quality experience for users. Today, there are many different radios available that are both digital and analog capable .

To see more benefits of digital and DMR, check out this whitepaper:


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